Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Summer in Two Cities - Helsinki

We have been so lucky to have the best May this year, as long as you don't mind horrendous a birch pollen count. We had about 2 weeks in a row of over 20C and a month of almost constant sunshine. A downside is no rain, so the forests and gardens are parched.

Going to the beach and not needing a coat in May is almost unheard of here. And June has started in a similar vein. Tomorrow is supposed to get down to about 14C, but then it's coming back up. After months of darkness and snow, I cannot complain.

House guest gives us a reason to get out as well. Any excuse to climb the rocks at Kaivopuisto or roll around and fields of buttercuppy flowers.

Sitting at the harbour having a glass of sparkling wine. 

We've been to the beach twice already. Amazing. Last year the weather was so miserable we went once, in July. 

The evenings were cooler in May, but the fire was mainly for makkara (sausages), not for keeping warm. 

A regatta at Cafe Regatta, doesn't get more summer in Helsinki than this. 

There's always time for indoor activites as well in the summer, when the weather isn't as great, such as the past two days that have been quite cool. We did a fly by Tropicario, the reptile house, for my birthday boy's treat. We only spent an hour as it's not huge, but the kids really took their time to read things and chat about the different species. 

And don't forget that in June some of the local parks (leikkipuisto) have small paddling pools filled for the kids and free lunches (usually soup or pasta). Bring your costume, a bowl and spoon and dive in.

Part two here. Enjoy.

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