Friday, May 4, 2018

Spring At Last

The seasons in Finland always switch over quite quickly. One minute we're in the midst of piles of snow and then it's all gone and the birches are trying to kill me with their pollen. 

Easter was a wet snowy affair, but the girls went on the Palm Sunday witch's walk for the first time. We didn't have enough sticks, but it meant we weren't burdened with too many sweeties. The black cat is a symbol of spring here. Not sure why. 

An Easter walk. 

There was a rieha at Mouse's school, a money raising fete-type thing. I don't know who was raising money for what as I don't think it was the school, but any excuse for a big dog to pull you in a sledge is a good one. 

The cultural centre near Mouse's school also started running a film making club. To my surprise, he was willing to join. They managed to have enough kids from the international school to have English and Finnish groups. There have been some bumps, but he's enjoyed the filming with a green screen part the most. He's supposed to be just a construction worker, but you give a boy a room full of costumes . . . 

The snow is finally gone, but it's not exactly warm. There are some signs of life though.  

It rained and was miseable for Vappu, so the kids had an indoor picnic with the cuddlers. 

And we went for a walk in the woods. 

Sorry for my recent silence. Lots of things keeping us busy, but most not photo or blog-worthy, including bronchitis, but we seem to be coming into Spring a little freer. 

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