Monday, February 19, 2018

Snow, Snow and More Snow!

It took it's time coming this year, but Finland rarely fails to disappoint if you like snow. I'm not a fan myself and we're not really sporty like most Finnish families, but we do try to make the most of the white stuff and get out and enjoy it. The kids are the real experts though. Bump and Foo have gone skiing with her school and the 3 big ones have gone skating. Pudding is desperately waiting for her nursery to take her skating, but it was cancelled one week due to strike action and the second week because her teacher was ill. Hopefully after the spring holiday.

The nursery run is always more fun on a sledge. 

Sometimes you don't even need a sledge. 


Or just mucking around on the ice. 

The girls wanted to go cross-country skiing, but the snow was a bit loose and thick where we were. They enjoyed it all the same. 

Our fave is sledging. It gets a bit crazy.

The hiihtoloma, the spring holiday, is this week, so I'm sure we'll do a bit of the above again. More information about how to make the most of the winter weather here

Everything is so much better when the sun is out. It finally has reappeared, not setting until after 5pm and is up before 8am. Not moving around in the dark for half the day makes such a difference to everyone's mood. 

Enjoy the sunshine and the snow while it lasts. 

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