Saturday, January 6, 2018

2017 Christmas Catch-Up

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone –
I’m so not organised this year, but I think I’m often writing this letter on the Day Before the Day Before Christmas, so I’m probably on form. And posting it online in the New Year is probably even more so my style, better late than never.
2017 has been a pretty busy year, but not eventful or stressful which is a relief. We’ve been a globe-trotting family this year. In the Spring, Steven went skiing in Austria with his work colleagues and I went to Amsterdam for King’s Day.
Then after school let up we went to Gotland, Sweden where we spent Midsummer. They had May Poles, fossils and great beaches. Then we went off to stay at our friend Chris’ flat in a small town outside of Dublin, Ireland. We loved Ireland; being able to speak English, the noisy, happy kids, more beaches and fish and chips.  You can check out the post about our summer trips here. Then a friend invited me to join her for a long weekend in Iceland just before Christmas.
We also had Finland’s 100th anniversary of independence on Dec 6th. The kids’ schools had events and parties. We didn’t go see the fireworks, but we did go skating and Pudding finally figured it out.
The kids are all doing great. Mouse is 11 and in 5th grade. He’s getting quite good on his guitar and has passed another level of swimming lessons. His Finnish is coming along. He’s still reading constantly.
Foo is 9 and in 3rd grade. After his Botox treatment last winter his legs have gotten stronger and stronger. He’s passed his first swimming level and can now swim across the pool on his own. He’s also started learning German and is doing very well. He’s had a bit of extra help with his reading and now is coming along in both English and Finnish and has started reading on his own.
Bump is 7 and started first grade at a Finnish school. She was really keen to start and has settled in with friends from her nursery. She’s started reading well in Finnish, but is just starting in English. She’s changed ballet for pony riding and loves it.
Pudding is 4 and in her second year of nursery. Her Finnish is coming along and she’s a clever, wilful wee soul. She has a couple of friends and is very happy there.
The Chief started his new contract in November which was a relief after last year’s hassle of getting his Irish citizenship. His work band played for the company’s 10-year anniversary party and for the Christmas party. We’re still studying Finnish; slowly, slowly we’re getting there.
I hope everyone has a lovely holiday season. Best wishes for 2018 from Finland.

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