Friday, August 18, 2017

A Three Country Summer

After having no overseas holiday last summer, this year we've taken two. I feel a bit spoiled. It was amazing to experience 3 different countries' summer offerings. 

Gotland, Sweden.

We found fossils everywhere.

Jungfrun, Lickershamn

Midsommar, Visby

The Island Games were being held in Gotland while we were there. We didn't go to any of the events, but did play Spot the Island Team. Here's St Helena's team joining in with the dancing round the Maypole. 

The Pancake Tree, Pannkakstrådet adventure playground. Where I had to cook our pancakes and toasties over an open fire and the kids climbed everything.

It's a beautiful island and we only really explored the north. Hopefully we'll get a chance to go back. 

Then back to Finland to the fun familiar. Haltiala Farm

Mellsten Beach, Haukilahti, Espoo.

I finally found a new strawberry farm to pick at after our disastrous attempt a few years ago. Marjatila Juhmo, Vantaa. Lots of space and friendly, helpful staff. Small kiosk with cakes and coffee. 

Then off for 2 weeks in Ireland, just outside of Dublin. 

Seaside amusements.


Hope you had a great summer like we did, wherever you ended up!

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