Friday, June 9, 2017

Making the Most of Summertime 2017

I've posted about Pihlajasaari before, but we decided to make a return trip last weekend to take advantage of a bit of warmer weather. If you look at the map you'll see there is an East and West Rowan Island. Last time we visited the bigger western island, but this time we turned left off the ferry and headed to the smaller island with the lagoon for a different experience. 

The cafe Ravintola Pihlajasaari was nice enough to put a sign at the ferry dock that it was closed to the public due to a booking, probably to do with a graduation party as it was graduation weekend, so we ate at Cafe Carusel which was super busy due to the above, but you can see the ferry from the outside seats so it's a good spot to wait. I'm pretty sure the the ice cream kiosks on the western island don't open until after Juhannus, so maybe take water and a snack.

While the western island is mostly wooded hills with the big beach the eastern island doesn't have the sandy beach, but has rock pools which the kids loved and lots of rocks for climbing. 

Be warned there is a naturalist beach on the eastern island which we bumbled into. The naturists were most understanding and started to cover themselves as soon as they heard our mob approach, but lesson learned: it's best not to just randomly climb over fences, even if they're not marked. 

Pihlajasaari is a good family island because of the sandy beaches and nice paths for walking. There are picnic and bbq spots, saunas on both islands though I'm not sure how you book or can use the saunas. 

The weekend before we returned to Villa Elfvik to share the place with some friends. We've been tons of times and it is always a new experience. We walked all around the nature trail this time from the house and got lucky with the weather again. 

The weather has been a bit changable since, so it's great that we've been able to do something fun with the nicer weather.
Enjoy it while you can. 

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