Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Medieval Fun in Pakila

A nearby neighbourhood Pakila celebrated its 600 year annivesary this last weekend with a Medieval Fair. It was the first weekend of proper summer weather so it was perfectly timed to spend the day out on the Pakila school pitches, watching knights battle, wizards wander about and eating lots of yummy food. 

The kids (Foo only stayed for a bit as he had a birthday party nearby to attend) really enjoyed themselves though Mouse was gutted that we didn't find the sword making area until after they were out of supplies. I'm actually grateful, but don't tell him that. They did get to make crowns though.

Much of the organisation was done by volunteers, including the Lions Club and the school associations, and it was really well done. There were a few craft stalls, things like bees' wax candle rolling for the kids, archery exhibition (which we missed), musicians, magicians. Three hours just flew by. 

The knights battling was interesting, but not easy to see behind the big barriers. And the microphone seemed to only work on the other part of the football pitch so we couldn't hear the commentary, even if we could have understood it. They were really getting into it though, even with the heat and all the heavy equipment. 

The kids had a chance to joust a bit themselves and to ride hobby horses around a course. 

They were fascinated by the 'wild boar'. Mouse has been reading the Asterix comics lately, so tore into a plateful without a blink, just like Obelix. 

The event was considered such a success that they're considering holding another in 3 years. We'll be there if they do. 

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