Sunday, October 23, 2016

Suomenlinna Go!

Our other adventure started this week due to the Autumn Holiday / syysloma that all the school kids get. We took the girls out of nursery as well and the Chief took off work, so we've been looking for something to fill the time. Enter Pokemon Go. Not my idea of fun, but it got the boys to go out of the house without threats from me. They went out on 3 walks that first day, with all of us, on their own and Mouse went by himself. We then walked to a local restaurant and took the long way home so we could Pokehunt. Foo again was exhausted with all the walking, but he kept up.

A day later Mouse was saying we needed to go to Suomenlinna because there were tons of rare water Pokemons there. He had researched the best places to catch Pokemon in Finland and Suomenlinna as one of the best sites in Helsinki. 

Obviously lots of other kids had done this research as well because when we took the ferry over to the island it was totally full of kids on phones and tablets playing Pokemon Go. They must have some sort of lure to attract Pokemon right at the harbour on the island as the boys could barely walk 3 steps without another one popping up. It makes walking a very slow process, but we got out. 

Suomenlinna is beautiful right now, the colours of the trees and the hills, but it is very cold. We bundled the kids up in their winter coats and suits, but the wind cuts right through you. It was overcast, but still a lovely day now that all the kids can walk on their own. We still took the buggy for tired ones, so dragging it across the cobbles and up the ramparts is a pain, but you can kick the occupant out so you're not carrying their weight. 

Our usual stop of Cafe Bar Valimo was closed so we tried out Cafe Chapman. It offered a decent, nothing fancy, Finnish style buffet, good for warming us up before we headed back out. We ran through one battery and downloaded the game on a second phone by the time we got up to the walk along the cliffs. They seem to be doing a lot of work on the paths near the high cannons, but you still can get around most of the island. 

Some things never change. Foo flinging himself down a hill.

We did catch a lot of Pokemons and the kids ran about over rocks and along the paths. Well worth a trip for both. 

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