Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Rendahl's Petting Farm, Kirkkonummi - Step Out of the City

This was part of a longer post, but I thought it warranted its own separate post as I have updated photos and information. 

May 2015 - We've made a new discovery. We were going to go to our favourite petting zoo in Inkoo, but when we arrived with our picnic lunch we discovered it was closed until next month. Luckily the owner was happy to suggest that we go to his rivals 20 minutes up the road in Kirkkonummi, Rehndal's petting farm. It's not quite the same thing as it's more of a working farm and has less exotic animals than Lemmikkipuisto, but there was plenty to justify the 10 euro ticket. We had to pry the kids away after 3 hours.

There are lots of horses and ponies, micro pigs, sheep, alpacas, donkeys, cats, dogs but everyone's favourites were the bunnies. They have a small enclosure where you can get up close to the bunnies or in Pudding's case, you can try. Some are happy to be petted, others will let you get very close before hopping away. 

2016 update - we ended up at Rendahl's again yesterday by default, but it still fit the bill. There were kittens, a new foal and a chance to ride a pony, Pudding's first time. They seem to have redone a few things including brightening up the picnic area and rebuilding the playpark's climbing area/ slide/ swings. Everything done in lovely red wood with a fairy/ troll house feel. 

The price feels a bit steep as everyone over 2 is charged 10 euros and then they charge 5 euros each if you want to do a quick pony ride. It would be nice if they had a family ticket for mobs like us. 

2019 update - they now have family tickets for 4 or 5 people which does drop the prices a bit. They've also built a little sauna/ grilling house where you can cook sausages. 

Hobby horse obstacle course. 
The picnic area seems refreshed. 
Trampoline and troll house. 

There's a lots to do; a pirate ship, a big hill to climb, a troll play-house and lots of patient animals, so it's possible to while several hours away when the weather's lovely. 

There's also strawberry picking nearby and last year we found a site to pick our own corn, so worth the drive out of the city. 


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