Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Onwards to Summer 2016

The koivu, birch, have stopped flowering so I can go outside without crying, itching or sneezing. The weather was glorious in May for the most part and it seems to be following pattern for June. Miss Bumptious seems to be over whatever weird virus, possible strep throat, that she had for 10 days last week. School finishes in two days so summer has begun for us, the usual June birthday madness and a couple of visitors are in store for the next few weeks.

Just a quick photo catch-up of May.

Bump had her end of year show. She's a little less reserved now that she has been the past few years. I picked the wrong place to sit though and we distracted her. 
I got a bike this summer and the Chief tried it out. It wasn't to his style, so he bought himself a flash geared mountain bike that he's been riding to work. Better him than me, I just wanted something to potter around the neighbouring woods with the kids. 
Early summer means dandelions handed to me every 30 seconds 'Mummy, more flowers for you.'

This is what happens when four kids try to share a hammock. 

Bump has started pre-ballet lessons and is loving them for the most part.
Next week the school run is over, the long days begin. I can't say I'm not equally dreading and looking forward to them. We have visitors and the Chief has taken some time off so hopefully it will be a fun and wonderful summer.



  1. Can't believe it's nearly your long holiday time already. Wishing you luck ;-)

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