Friday, May 13, 2016

Dragging through May

Things are a bit strange with the Clan. We've been waiting for proper spring/summer to kick in and now it has. We haven't really done much but hang out at home. We're all really tired, end of school year drag, I think. Only 3 weeks left for the big boys. 

We've gone from this in mid-April

to this in early May. Sunshine and everything greening up. 

So we got a new paddling pool, ran out into the 20 degree temps . . . 

and totally forgot that Foo and I are allergic to birch pollen which starts in early May. So I've scurried back inside again. Well, not totally, I've done as much planting here and at the allotment as I can manage. 

And as a result my eyes are a total mess. The glorious weather seems to have made the pollen worse than last year. Praying for a quick burst of rain this weekend so it can wash it all away now that it's easing off. 

As a result of the itchy scratchiness of the outside world we spent the Helatorstai holiday in SuperPark. It was Pudding's and my first experience and I'd gladly never go again until she's over 4 and can run free on her own, but the kids loved it. It's expensive, 19 euros for over 4s, but you can spend all day there. There's football pitches, mini golf, go carting, climbing walls, batting cages, soft play type climbing areas and much more. My kids mostly liked the younger kids' area where they had trampolines, a huge foam block pool and massive building blocks. 

It's not my idea of fun, mainly because I have to chase after Pudding and keep her off the bigger kids' stuff. The cafe is pretty good and the whole place is big enough that even on a busy holiday it didn't seem too crowded. 

So I'm busy watching the pollen forecast, sneaking out for quick visits to my mini greenhouse and allotment and dosing myself up with whatever drugs I can get my hands on. June is a busy month for us, so I better make the most of this lull while I can.

Enjoy the sun. 

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