Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Kiasma - Potentially Interesting

This weekend we took the kids, a friend and her daughter to Kiasma, the Museum of Contemporary Art in central Helsinki. I had asked other parents on my local expat parenting board a couple of times whether it would be good for the kids as I often find art museums are not child-friendly. Too many exhibits they can't touch, not enough interactive areas. The feedback was mixed, but I decided to risk it as I have a visitor coming later this week and wanted to know in advance if it would work for two 5 year old girls. 

We totally picked the wrong time to go. We went on a Saturday morning so it was pretty quiet. A children's art workshop started at 1pm but we couldn't stay for it. There were only 2 exhibits open on one floor. The other two floors were closed to set up exhibitions that will open on the 22.4. Though the kids went free, we paid 12 euros each for the adults to see really only one exhibit as the Jani Ruscica exhibit did not interest the kids at all. 

But the Ernesto Neto exhibition was really fun. Inspired by a native Amazonian tribe it was bright, interactive and mostly child-friendly. He had crocheted a huge tent that had pillows for lounging on and musical instruments ready for playing, should the mood strike. Another room had large crocheted chairs suspended from the ceiling. The kids could climb in, run around, play drums and pile up pillows without the staff standing over them saying No or Don't Touch. 

Thanks A and E for accompanying us on our expedition. And thanks for trying to take a group photo.
The cafe is nice with gluten-free options and the ability to run a tab so we didn't have to worry about constantly paying as the kids wanted more and more food. 

I won't be taking my visitors to Kiasma, we'll head off to WeeGee Talo, instead as it has the Children's Museum and the craft room for the kids and the adults can take turns popping into the art museum there if they crave a bit of grown-up culture. 

I haven't given up on Kiasma, it has potential, but I will research the exhibits and times more in advance to make sure there are enough things to justify the price, entertain the Clan and to fill more time. 

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