Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Kevä-Talvi, Spring-Winter

We're a bit desperate for Spring here.

I know we've only had snow for a couple of months, but the cold and dark starts back in November so by the time the sun returns and we begin to feel a hint of warmth, we are more than ready for it. It doesn't help that the rest of the Northern Hemisphere is already properly into Spring it feels, so I see photos on Instagram and Facebook that highlight the difference even more.

I saw the term kevä-talvi on an Instagram post. I'm not sure if it's used regularly among the Finns, but it makes perfect sense to me. It should be Spring, but it isn't really. The Finns call from January-onwards Spring, when talking about school terms or activity sessions. It's like they're trying to convince themselves, but the temps are still below zero until well into the afternoon and we're still struggling with snow and ice.

The sun coming back makes all the difference though. Even below zero the increased light begins to melt the snow, gives us a boost of Vitamin D and happiness, so we try to get outside more.

Last week was the half-term holiday here in Finland, the Skiing Holiday Hiihtoloma they call it because lots of Finns go to their cottages or abroad skiing. I had all the kids home and we spent almost every day sledging, except Friday when I was so exhausted I took them to the library which actually wasn't any less physical. 

We went to our first Talvirieha, a Winter Fest. The kids skied briefly, sledged and ice skating. And met some Angry Birds and shot some Pigs. It was only 3 hours but exhausting for everyone, Foo couldn't walk by the end of it and I had to pull him to the car on a sledge. 

Pudding takes moods on sledging. Some days she loves it. Others, not so much. At the Talvirieha she demanded to go home as soon as we got there and spent her time doing this or bolting away into the crowds. 

We're hoping this is the beginning of proper Spring, but I'm sure Winter has a bit of kick left in it. 

Best to make the most of it. 

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  1. Your winters look so amazing, but I can appreciate they must be exhausting!


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