Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Autumn Flair

Autumn has been pretty spectacular this year. Mostly dry and lots of colour. I love taking photos this time of year in Finland because of the amazing oblique light, it is already so heavy and golden. 

We've had visitors as well which always brightens up life. We took them to Hämeenlinna to see the castle and the colours on the way up. 
After our visitors departed we took a quick trip to Kaivopuisto for more photos and fun. 
A rare capture. 
The boys love their sword fighting.

The girls have their own interests. For a brief moment it was like watching an Am Dram rehearsal. 

Another rare moment. 

This is more true to life. 

A nice selfie while in town. I wisely managed to crop my girning face out. 

We have spent a lot of time at home as well, clearing up the millions of leaves as per usual this time of year. 

I bought some much needed assistance this year which has lead to much amusement.

Some things never change.
We've visited the local par
k as well.

And the pumpkin festival at Koiramäen Pajutalli, a local willow farm that grows, weaves and sells wicker products as well as other objects. We've gone the past three years and though it doesn't really stand up to American pumpkin patch farms, it's a big space to run about with a willow maze, candy floss, korvapusti, mini-goats that were freaking out with the low flying planes overhead and a few pumpkins. 

With Halloween coming I hope we get a few more weeks of lovely weather and activities. Autumn is my favourite and my best, but it never lasts long enough. 

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