Friday, September 11, 2015


I have memory books for all the kids where I paste photos and momentos in and write entries about landmarks in their livees. I started off quite keen with Mouse, but the more kids I have, the faster time passes and the less time I have to look back and reminisce. Poor Thistle's book hasn't been updated since her last birthday. That may be one of my jobs for this weekend, besides making her a horsie cake for a little birthday party this kids want to throw for her. 

I can start getting organised here by finding some photos from the past year:

You're a funny soul, my Thistle. You are still totally inquisitive 'What's that?' is your favourite phrase whenever you hear or see something new. You get along well with all your siblings and have special relationships with each of them, but I can already see the beginning of jealousy and rivalry between you and Bump. 

You love animals especially dogs and love to pretend to be a dog. You are fearless when trying new things, but have started to be a bit shy around new people. 

You love dressing up.

We are just starting to get tantrums and hints of the Terrible Twos, but for the most part you are polite, happy and have a lovely personality. This year you've gotten walking and talking firmly under your belt. You've weaned from breastfeeding and started sleeping through much earlier than any of your siblings (thank you!!). You've had a busy year of visiting family in America and Scotland and are a pro at flying on airplanes. 

Two is the beginning of independence for you. I can't wait to see how you discover your world and your own desires. Take it easy on your old mum though, please. 

Happy birthday, Thistle.

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