Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Substitutes - Unprocessed Family Update

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I'm still trying to keep the family food menu on the clean and narrow. I also decided to add a few more complications as well. After giving up breastfeeding I found my weight slowly creeping upwards, so decided I needed to make some alterations to my diet. This is mainly for me, but because I cook for everyone, it affects the whole family.

I decided on low carb so I wouldn't have to change the family meals too much. I'm not making more than one dinner. The no-gluten part was actually pretty easy, surprising considering how much I love bread and pastries. Once I got started I really didn't want them. I am eating some carbs: sweet potatoes, beans, nuts, some carby veg and the occasional bit of fruit and avoiding bread, pasta, rice and most processed sugars. 

I've discovered wine is ok to drink, but cider isn't, so am not having even the occasional drink at home as I don't see the point of opening a bottle for one glass.  

Never thought I'd say this, but I found I got really sick of eggs, cheese and bacon breakfast very quickly, even when I mixed up by making cream cheese pancakes. I liked the taste of these pancakes, but I haven't been able to get them to stay pancake shape, they always end up scrambled. 

I missed my granola and proper pancakes. I tried almond flour pancakes, but they were too gritty. But I did find a good gluten free granola recipe. So I have that with milk or yogurt most mornings. Pudding even likes it. 

I am beginning to get some courgettes from the plot so wanted to make zucchini bread. A friend gave me some gluten free flour to try. But I was disappointed, it was dry and sandy textured. I guess I need to up the oil alot, but am reluctant to try again with that recipe. I want zucchini bread like I used to make and sometimes substitutes just don't cut it. 

Today I tried avocado chocolate pudding because I know avocado is a good source of oil, but I'm not really keen on the flavour except in guacamole. As the recipe stands I didn't like it, there was an awful after-taste of avocado, but I added a half banana in it and it's ok. I can eat it, but it's not chocolate pudding. I probably wouldn't make it again. The kids all turned their noses up at it and I didn't even mention it had avocado in it. 

It's a big problem working against my 40+ years of experiencing certain tastes. I love food and am not always keen on replacements when I don't really need to make them. If I had to avoid all gluten like my friend or starch like another friend of mine with gout I would work harder at finding recipes that work or accept that things will never taste the same, but my new eating plan is through choice not necessity, so I'm going to continue to turn my nose up at things that don't meet my expectations. 

I'm not losing weight, but I am not gaining either. I've lost a bit of gluten bloat and definitely feel the difference if I eat gluten. So I'll continue  my slow meander towards a new way of cooking and eating.

My next goal is yet another tortilla recipe - a gluten free version. Taco Tuesday would be more fun if I could have a soft taco occasionally, salads are beginning to wear a bit thin. Unfortunately arrowroot powder is not available in Finland and I only have a small supply. So I guess I'll need to start another hunt for a substitute. 

Update 1/8/15
The tortillas were a sort of success. They are more like crepes, so would work really well for a breakfast type pancake. I used them to make an enchilada lasagne because they weren't quite thin or big enough to wrap enchiladas with, but it was tasty and meant I could eat the same as the family. I will try adding a bit of water or milk to make them thin out a bit for tortillas next time, if there is a next time.

Ok, I'm not food photographer. 

The recipe used all of my arrowroot powder so am going to try them with tapioca flour and some other flours before I do a bulk order of arrowroot from the UK. 

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