Monday, June 22, 2015

June Update

I know June isn't over yet, but the rest of the month will be busy and worth a separate post. So here's a quick catch up of what we've been doing this month. 

We tried geocaching for the first time. It's basically using GPS on a phone to track down a 'cache'. Usually it's just a waterproof box with a logbook where you record your find, but sometimes there's a small item to trade for some trinket of your own. 

It was a bit of a last minute plan when the weather was too cold to play at the beach for long. Our first hunt was out in Vuosaari, starting near the sea, but we ended up on the edge of the forest near a housing estate. We did spend 10 minutes or so wandering around in circles while my less than exact GPS kept changing it's mind how far away we were, but eventually I noticed a chuck of stone in a weird position, tucked in a hole in a tree stump. Sure enough there was a small plastic box tucked inside with a plastic bag filled with paper and pencil. 

The kids were really patient with the long walk, just over a kilometre, for no real prize. It was too far for Foo and Pudding to walk, so it was just Mouse and Bump, though she got a coal-carry on the way back. I'd do it again with maybe a bit more planning so all of us can go. 

The weather has warmed up, but it rains for days after every decent day. And often if the rain stops, the wind picks up, so it just doesn't feel like summer. I look back of pictures of the past five years in Finland and the kids were down on the beach splashing about. It's just too cold for all but the hardest Foos (that boy cannot not go in water). 

Birthdays were a big theme in the early part of the month. Our traditional party was a bit of a damp squib, literally as it rained all day after the day before being the best day of the year so far, but also because so many of our expat friends couldn't come due to illness and other reasons, that we cancelled everything except the kids' nursery friends who came for a few hours. We'll try again in July to have a proper garden party, hopefully the weather will be up to it. 

I tried to take some birthday portraits. Easier said than done. 

Mouse learned to ride his bike without the training wheels. 

Garden games. I love Pudding's look in this picture as she waves her wand or sword, she's a bit of a clown, trying to copy her olde siblings. 

Mouse was off three weeks before the younger kids finished nursery. He had swimming lessons, but we had lots of errands and appointments at first, but we managed a bit of fun here and there. He got to show Pudding his favourite parts of the Natural History Museum. 

I've made it out to the allotment a few times and got everything dug over. None of my seedlings did particularly well, so I had to buy a lot of plants in. I have inherited some parsnips, but not sure when to harvest them. They seem to be out of control, probably too late. 

We've made some new friends at familiar haunts. 

Enjoy the rest of June. Hopefully summer has found you. 

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