Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fiercely Foo

June is our birthday madness month. In our house alone we have 3 birthdays in 2 days (there are about another 8 in the first 20 days of June with extended family). Poor Foo's is the last. It is so hard for him to wait that extra day when his sister and father are opening presents. He's getting better, but it's still a struggle. 

Seven is a big year in Finland. He'll start school this autumn, learn to read, write words and he's doing it in Finnish. He's finally excited about it after six months of stressing. We've started teaching him to read in English, well, the computer is, and he's keen. We're using Reading Eggs which he really enjoys. We're in no rush, but he's desperate to learn. 

He's grown so much in the last year. His motor skills have improved, his ability to deal with changes and lack of structure (though he still thrives in a more structured environment, poor child growing up in our crazy household). He enjoys colouring and crafts more, he even did a sewing project at nursery. 

He's still a super active boy, loves to run, climb and jump even if it's not easy for him at first. He's gained a lot of patience this year to keep trying until he can figure it out. 

He's become even more stubborn and will argue the sky is green if it suits his argument. But he has learned to deal with disappointment and frustration better. 

He's is a great big brother, able to play with both his sisters easily. He and Mouse are starting to lock horns a bit, but they still are very close and enjoying the same things. 

He is a charmer and easily fits into every group. He walked off with his new classmates at his school visit without a moment's hesitation or look back at his poor mum left wondering if he was ready. He's ready. 

Happy birthday to my forever Foo. 

And birthday wishes to the Chief. We don't forget, but there's less fanfare now amidst all the other craziness. Love you. 

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  1. Happy birthday everyone! And don't forget Fathers day in the mix of all the birthdays ;-)


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