Saturday, June 6, 2015

Blooming Bumptious

She's 5. I won't get into how hard that is to believe. 

Her birth is forever linked with our arrival in Finland, our new life. I am always reminded of how we have been here and how bumpy that first six months was. Everything seemed to happen at once including her. She was there in the midst of all the chaos, holding her own. Never silent and accepting, but always reminding us that she was to be reckoned with. 

I can do it, has been her mantra for years. Done her way. Always. Usually the battle is not worth it. She often wears clothes to bed, pyjamas out, party dresses to nursery. Her whim can be frustrating. Favourite foods change randomly, usually mid-meal. 

She's grown so much this year, especially in confidence at nursery. She's speaking Finnish now, after a year and a half of stubbornly clinging on to her English for her side of the conversation. She even tries to translate for me, but makes a lot of it up. She no longer needs Foo to play with, has her own friends and games. Hopefully this will hold her in good stead for next year as she will be on her own.

She still loves dancing, colouring, singing, princesses and dressing up. Her giggles are infectious. She is still girly with attitude, joining in all her brothers' games with her own twist. She loves having Pudding to play with now, running around with their doll buggies or playing doggies. 


Someone asked her to smile for her school photos. She doesn't perform on command. She loves singing at nursery, but at the shows she doesn't want to stand before the audience and sing. Her way.  

Happy birthday Bumpshie, always my big girl.

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