Thursday, May 14, 2015

Spring Projects

While I've been waiting for the weather to warm up, I've been keeping busy with a challenge to myself. I'm a non-attending member to several knitting and craft groups in the area. Non-attending as I can't seem to make any of the meeting times, but have joined the groups on Facebook. The members post projects that they're working on and ideas and patterns that people might be interested in. One of the members posted this dress, but I found it a bit difficult to crochet, so found this and this, so I used a bit of all three to design the dresses. 

I'm not good at sewing, so a friend let me do a simple seam on her machine. I managed it and didn't impale myself on the needle, so might get a bit braver about sewing. Need to bring my machine that I've barely ever used over from Scotland someday. I hand sewed the crocheted bodices, the hems and the squares onto the skirts. Bump liked her dress best before I shortened it, but the fabric has no give, so I'll have to figure out how to make a longer, more flowing, spinnable dress some day. 

Pudding's dress is a bit big on her, so Bump may be able to wear it. Goodness knows she already steals Pudd's clothes, whether they fit her or not. 

Before I shortened and hemmed them.  

Happy girls ready for summer. 

My other project is I got an allotment, viljelypalsta. I applied last autumn, via the Helsinki City website and was surprised to get one so soon as a friend had to wait 2 years. We've only been a few times due to weather and having too may kids who are difficult to watch while I'm trying to work, but we've planted potatoes and some Jerusalem artichokes that one of the other plotters gave us. I'm really excited, it's not as big as my one in Scotland, but I couldn't handle something that big right now. It's big enough to grow bigger crops than I can in my boggy, mossy, tree root-ridden garden. I do miss my old plotting buddies, but everyone has seemed very nice so far.  

I'd like to say they were helping me dig potatoes, but they were after worms. 

Big handsome visitor. I've also seen hares, but they better leave my stuff alone. 

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