Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Barcelona Break

In March The Chief took a long weekend skiing holiday with some workmates, so we discussed the idea of a short break for myself sometime, sans kids, sans Chief. It's been an idea batted around a bit over the years, but there's always been a baby that couldn't be left or the timing wasn't right or I wasn't ready. I finally bit the bullet and booked myself 5 days in Barcelona. 

I won't go into a load of observations of my trip as it feels especially personal, but it was wonderful to be able to do things for myself, at my own speed and not worry about anyone else. I missed my family horribly and I think they missed me too, but we needed to have some time apart. The Weans enjoyed spending time with their Dad and I'm sure he did too, even if they're hard work sometimes. 

So a small sample of photos from my trip. Barcelona is pretty perfect for a quick break because it encompasses lots of different needs from beaches, good food, to historical interest, all in a pretty small area. I was a total tourist so went to most of the big cultural sites, but also just sat around in cafes a lot doing nothing. 


Night Life.

Barri Gotic.

Ciutadella Parc.

La Barceloneta. One of my favourite places to chill and eat delicious food. 

Parc Güell - Antoni Gaudí-central. All the mosaics and the buildings I liked, the 3 hour wait to get in after I bought my ticket not so much. Case in point for researching sites and buying tickets beforehand if possible.


La Sagrada Familia. I'm not usually up for churches and I hated going in with all the crowds and their bloody selfie sticks, but the architecture of the place is amazing. The outside was being done up, so couldn't see much of the towers.

My favourite photo of the trip. 

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