Sunday, April 19, 2015

Where is Spring?

It keeps trying to make an appearance, one day of sun and a bit of heat, the days and days of cold, even a few snow flurries and rain. This time last year we were sitting on the porch eating ice cream and strawberries. I want spring to start. 

But it's edging closer, some of my garlic that didn't take last year has sprouted this year. I have one lone daffodil that has bloomed. The trees are starting to bud, but it still feels like it's not really happening yet. 

Last weekend we got lucky on Saturday for a friend's birthday party. It was partially outdoors and the sun came out, so 18 riotous kids had a chance to burn some energy at Villa Elfvik, a fave place our ours. 

This is what it looks like in the forest near our house, just not quite feeling the spring bloom yet. 

Discovered another gem near the house. A riding school: Tuomarinkylän Ratsastuskoulu. They have riding classes and clubs, but they also have a Sunday drop-in pony riding. It's not cheap, but what is in Finland. 10 euros for about 15 minutes of riding a pony down a path with someone holding a lead. Not exciting, but a nice introduction. As it's only 5 minutes down the road we can get there early and Bump is a happy girl. We might look into lessons later on. 

A bit of good news though. Foo got into the primary school we wanted. It's only 5 minutes away and we should be able to get help with travel as I will have 3 different schools/nurseries to hit twice a day next year. I'll update more once I've  had a visit to the school in May. 

But I think he's more than ready. Once again I thank my lucky stars that we're in Finland and they delay starting primary school until kids are 7. He's finally got a bit of fine motor control in his hands and is quickly learning Finnish phonetics. I need to work more on English though. 

On Friday I saw this picture he drew at his nursery and I wanted to weep. It looks like what it is supposed to and it he did all by himself. It's him and his big brother. My school boys, growing up way too fast. 

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