Sunday, March 22, 2015

What We've Been Up to Lately - March 2015

Pudding trashed my dSLR, so these are the last photos from that camera for now. I'm hoping to get it fixed, but she did a good job on it. 

Bump was the victim of a soft play accident. From her dad. She ended up with a tiny, but badly placed fracture on her leg, so was in a big cast for 10 days. It healed quickly and it only took her only a couple of days to get back on her feet, only to spend the next week at home with a horrible bug. 3 weeks off nursery, arghhh.

Don't be fooled by the face, she's zoned out by Frozen which we watched too often while she was off. So we had to find some other ways to amuse the girls. Painting rocks.

Play snow. Another baking soda activity. Simple recipe here, load of fun. And mum bonus points: easy to clean up. 

Turning our snowflakes into Spring flowers and Easter eggs. 

Guess the camera breakage was a big risk. The kids had gotten into the habit of taking it for their own photo sessions and not putting it back carefully. So Pudding managed to grab the strap and pull it on to the floor. There will be some strict rules when we get a new one. 

The end of the 'roll' was full of pictures of the kids' toys in various places. 

I can't blame the kids totally. I've managed to go through 3 phones since September through stupidity and accident. All my photos tend to get backed up, so hopefully I haven't lost many, but I'm having to wade through hundreds of random shots the kids take. Again, tighter leash needed. 

But I have proof that no one looks good in selfies, even my lovely kids. 

The weather has been unusually warm, but there's still a bit of snow about. 

Amazing the difference 10 days makes in Spring. We took a walk in the nearby woods. It was lovely in the sun, but chilly in the shade. 

I'll end with yesterday's dance session with my little ladies. 

Hope Spring is making itself known where you are. 

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