Saturday, February 21, 2015

Gray Winter Update

There really isn't much to say. It's been a long winter, we've been ill, there have been a few deaths to cope with. I think we've all been struggling. To be honest the weather hasn't been bad: very little snow and the temps haven't really dropped below -10C all winter but the skies have been gray the whole time it feels. Hopefully we're just starting to come out the other side.

We went to Scotland in early January for a funeral. While the reason wasn't very happy, it was lovely to be back among friends and family. Even briefly. 

Most of my photos were of people, so I can't post them. But here's some random Glasgow photos. 

Hogganfield Loch. 

Mousie silliness. 

Botanic Gardens, chasing pigeons and playing in the glasshouse. 

Sauchiehall Street in the freezing rain. Feels like home. 

Huge bookshop full of English books and they want to play with dinosaurs. We still came away with quite a haul. 

No caption possible. 

After the funeral. The kids had a great time playing with their cousins, even in the less than happy circumstances. Wish we could spend more time with them. 

Some brighter photos of our indoor activities back in Finland.

Baking soda, what a brilliant product, we use it for so much of our fun. Luckily I can buy it bulk. Here Mouse is making dinosaur eggs out of baking soda, water and food colour. 

We then used vinegar to hatch them. 

But a word of warning, be careful with undiluted vinegar. We've discovered the Mouse has very sensitive skin which reacts to vinegar. Bump also had a similar reaction to bubble solution recently, so always best to be careful with harsh products on young skin.

The girls spent some time painting rocks at Bump's request. 

And dressing up 

Hope winter is on its way out for you and the sun makes a reappearance soon. 

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