Saturday, January 17, 2015

Crafty Winter Projects

The months before Christmas rolled in I was actually very busy with projects as I like to call them. Wee things to fill my evenings while I stared at the telly or computer or to do with the kids during the weekends. Mostly crochet or knitting, but also some other interesting projects. 

My fibre work. I found a local yarn store Lankamaailma that is too wonderful and I keep popping in to pick up a few things. I never spend enough in one go to collect my money off stamps though. Looks like I need to make some bigger purchases in the new year to remedy that.

As an aside, lots of stores in Finland have these cards where you spend so much and collect a stamp and then when you fill the card you get some money off or a free product. As a family of 6 we need these kind of money saving incentives, so my wallet is full of cards. We buy 5 haircuts and get a sixth free, we get 30% off from the winter clothes store I use, I get an occassional free ice cream (and yes, it's always mine). Very handy. 

Anyway, what I've been working on. 

Crocheted Snowflakes

A neckwarmer for the Chief. His design.

This was crocheting with fabric, wish I had put something in for scale. It's bigger than a serving tray. It near crippled me as it was so heavy to work with. But I'd like to work with it again, just very slowly. 
More snowflakes. I really enjoyed making these though some were small and finicky. I tried to make them all different, but now see I have two the same. I just googled 'crochet snowflakes free patterns' and came up with tons of patterns to try.

Legwarmers that were a bit too big. The knitted pattern was quite complicated and were supposed to be repeated all the way through, but I decided just to do four rows of it just to learn how to do it. If you examine them closely quite a few of the wee bobbly bits didn't work. But it was just an experiment. I bought some ribbon to tie them up with, but now can't find it in the post-Christmas mess. Yes, we still have that, I haven't been able to get on top of all the new stuff yet.
A scarf in progress. Quite a complicated knitted design for me, Lintilla by Martina Behm. I actually bought the pattern I liked it so much, but I'm not sure if it's coming out right. Not sure why mine curls like that at the ends.

Other wee projects.

Rainbow play rice. Easiest thing ever. The first day Bumpshie and I did it I only had black, blue and green food colouring. You just add a few drops to some rice. Stir, add more if it's not bright enough. Then let dry. I kept stirring it as it dried because I was afraid it would stick together, but I'm not sure it's necessary. Bump and Pudd wouldn't let it dry they were that excited, so I let them at it. 

It got everywhere so they were in the shower room for easy clean up. The next day I got the other colours and made up a full rainbow's worth. Bump took a tray in the shower room and came back to proudly tell me she only spilled a few but picked them up. So sweet. She loves the stuff. 

Pudding does too, maybe too much. I took her away after a bit as I wasn't sure what handfuls of dried rice does to a toddler's stomach, but she suffered no ill effects. I keep the pot stashed up high, but it'll last for ages and is handy for indoor play days. 

For teachers' Christmas gifts I made chocolates and mints. The chocolates were yummy and fun to make. The mints were too sweet for me, so I won't make them again. 

Another fun kid project I did was ice sun catchers. Filled a tray with random found garden things like rowan berries, pine needles, a few brave pansies. Added water and food colouring and then froze it with a circle of string over the side. 

It only lasted a day in our crazy weather, -15C a few days, then 3C a few days, but it was lovely. The food colouring goes patchy and weird in ice, so it made interesting patterns. Foo made one too the next day, but the string fell inside as it froze so I couldn't hang it and then it got knocked over when I was trying to find some place for it and broke. But if it freezes soon I'll do it again. I've also seen a woman use a Bundt cake pan to make ice wreaths with the same technique, using more berries and greenery. 

I'm pretty exhausted after Christmas so haven't made anything lately. Plan to finish my scarf and then I have a few other things I'm considering. So we'll see where spring takes me. 

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