Sunday, December 7, 2014

Santa Baby

We've seen a lot of Santas and Joulupukki this year. They seem to be everywhere: our supermarket, mall, fund raising bake sales for the nursery and the Chief's work's family Christmas party (say that fast 3x). 

No, I'm not ready for Christmas and no, I'm not in the mood. I tried today to take the kids into town to see the Christmas lights, market and displays. The market wasn't open yet, so the kids just climbed around Uspensky and the Senaatintori. 

So to kick off this holiday season and get me in the holiday swing, I'll share some Father Christmasness.

My favourite are the Finnish-style Joulupukki, they have a bit of style and know how to tend to the beard. 

Christmas Pudding's first Santa. She wasn't impressed. It was the beard obviously, the real Santa has a much cooler beard. 

And then these little Tonttu (elves) showed up at our house. 

Think someone has spiked the piparkakkua.

Crazy, Happy and Grumpy Tonttu, just about describes the season for me. Enjoy.

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