Tuesday, November 25, 2014

First Snow Winter 2014

Ok, it's not the first snow, but the first proper snow. These pictures are from about 3.30-4pm, already dark. The kids loved walking home from nursery in the snow. It's Pudding's first real experience of snow.

It felt a bit like Narnia.

After the kids went to bed I went out and shoveled the walk. I find it very relaxing, the silence and physical labour. 
The next morning the kids were so excited, they even turned off the telly of their own accord and went out to play early. 
My kids love to eat snow. 
And throw snowballs, usually at me. 

We went over to a friend's house and played with sledges. 

The snow is melting now, but it'll be back. 

Sorry for still not posting much. I am still about, but it's been a tough month: a friend's death, ill family member in Scotland and the usual sleep problems here.  We're trying to get back to normal, so bear with me. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

October Catch-Up After a Month of Illnesses

Sorry, I've been absent this month. We had 3 weeks of constant illness in the house where at least one child, usually more were off sick from nursery or school. But we seem to be coming out of the tail end of it with only an ear infection to clear up. We've had 2 doses of a nasty cold and one 24 hour stomach bug, including the adults. 

It doesn't help that Bump seems to be a chronic fever-taker and her nursery has a 24 hour fever/sickness free rule. So she'll be great for a day and then just when it's time to send her back she'll come down with another fever. She also has the great ability to get ill right after seeing our friends, so even if she appears healthy, I'm sure she's sharing those germs around when we have playdates or parties. Which makes me more wary of taking her out. I avoided a Halloween party this weekend for that reason, only for her to come down with another fever the night before, the same day as visiting a friend's house.  

So we have barely left the house at the weekends this past month which means no birthday photos for Mouse with lovely fall foliage as it's all gone now. But I will post some catch-up photos as I'm downloading those off my phone.

I've also been busy at the weekends when not planted on the couch myself, getting the house and garden ready for winter. It's been slow going. We have half the leaves raked and bagged, but still need to do the back and to clear up the pots and plants. Hopefully I'll get it done before the weather turns. 

Though we've had our first snow fall. Wasn't much but felt like a warning to get things sorted. 

On an up note, I've hired a handy man to help with some of these jobs we don't have the tools or time for. Amazing how quick something gets done when you have both. He's gotten rid of all the wood junk behind the garage and last year's leaves we tried to compost. Now I just need to restack the wood pile. 

It meant I could focus on some other things like sorting out the playroom. We all love this carpet on top of the underfloor heating. It's lush. The kids have been playing in there more at our insistence and we're trying to keep all the toys under control and tidied. I bought a huge under bed box for all the Lego and strangely it hasn't come out since it all went away. They've been playing with other toys. I need to have a pre-Christmas toy gut though. 

I've also completed a few projects and starting on some new ones. Hat and neck warmer done for me. Hat a bit big, so wondering if I should pull it apart and restitch tighter. 

Made a similar neckwarmer in rainbow colours for Bump and her Baba. And for a laugh a leaf crown. 

Working on Christmas decorations as well. These will look better once they are stretched and starched. Would like to do a garland of them in white and red, all different designs, but we'll see how far I get. 

And here's some photos that have been gathering virtual dust on my phone. 

I look good in some hats, but never as good as Wee Puddin.

My new phone has some cool gadgets like 360 degree pictures.


From the Highland Games

Finnish summertime

How do you do, Granny and Grandad. 

First mega throw herself on the ground tantrum. Because I wouldn't carry her around. After 20 minutes I needed a sit down. I'd hold her, she could sit on my lap, but she wasn't accepting it.

Mouse doing what he loves.

Someone likes Mum's homemade ice lollies.

They can finally play together and are loving it. I'm sure the fighting will begin soon enough.  

Hopefully we'll be getting out in the world more over the next few weeks before we're snowed under. 

Enjoy November. 

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