Friday, September 12, 2014

My Autumn Thistle Turns One

Pudding is one year old. It blows me away to think about it. I watched her stomp across the living room this week end in her zombie walk and couldn't believe it. My baby is walking, is a toddler, is no longer a baby. End of an era. 

My monthly photos haven't really worked the last few months, she just won't sit still. even with props. 
She started walking a bit about two weeks ago, a few steps and then stopped. A few days of cruising the furniture even more, reaching out for the next piece and taking a hesitant step between, almost flinging herself at it. 

We got out the trolley for outside and the baby buggy for inside. That was it, she was off. We had to weigh down the buggy as it was too fast for her. So my biggest gardening book is getting a bit of a road trip along with a pillow, Spiderman and Baba. 

Yes, Baba is back in action. Pudding loves dolls as much as Bump did at this age. Bump is also interested in Baba again, so they take turns playing with it. Sisterly love in the making, I hope. 

Baba is called Dada now, the Chief is also Dada, and Mouse, and Foo and me sometimes. She can say Mum, but won't, of course, when referring to me. Everything is Dada, so I spend a lot of the day saying, Daddy's at work, the Weans are at school, trying to figure out what she means. 'More' is close to mair the Scots for more. She'll also do the sign for it. That's about all she says, though she chatters constantly. 

She also makes a hissing sound for dinosaurs which I think is supposed to be a roar. 
Pudding is such funny, quirky wee soul. She loves to crinkle her nose up and smile at me, especially when she thinks she might be in trouble or if she is just feeling cheeky. Independent as hell, no surprise there. Still not super-cuddly, but she'll give you kisses and cuddles if she's feeling amenable. 

She loves to dance and play with the music toy we've had since Bump was a baby that plays a clip of a pop song when you put insert a part. So we spend ages putting that back in so she'll dance for a second before pulling it out again. Bump did the same thing. 

She's fickle with sleep. Easily distracted so if she hears the kids, she's wide awake. Somedays it's like she can't relax and will be almost asleep and then her eyes will pop open and she'll hit me or clap her hands or try to roll away. And after spending an hour getting her off, she'll wake after 45 minutes. Other days she will fall asleep in minutes and nap for hours. 

She mainly sleeps on a mattress in the spare room as I got tired of trying to transfer her into the cot after I spent so long getting her to sleep. So now I just leave her and sneak out. She usually picks up the monitor when she wakes and chews on it, but lately as been crawling to the door and trying to get out. Then can't understand why I won't come and get her right away when she's lodged herself behind the door. During the night she's in with us most of the night. Only way for me to get any sleep.

She's a whirlwind and a lot of my day is full of keeping her entertained and contained. The downstairs is open, but she goes for the toilet or toilet brush or the fireplace if you let her have the run of the place, so I tend to keep her shut in the kitchen and living room. But with 3 other kids running about the doors are never kept shut, so I spend a lot of time rescuing her or pulling her off the kids' games. And taking tiny bits of Lego off her. 

She's my wee Thistle: lovely, cheeky, full of energy and will. She'll be unstoppable and I'll pay the price, but as several people pointed out to me in connection with Miss Bump, that independence will only be good for her as she grows up, no matter how frustrating it is at this stage. I wouldn't want her any other way.

Pure Cheese. 

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