Friday, August 8, 2014

TBT - Throw Back Thursday

Ok, it's no longer Thursday, but the thought counts. Babies do not always let you keep to a schedule you desire. 

I've seen people do Throw Back Thursday posts on Instagram and Facebook before. I like the idea of digging out old photos and revisiting the moment they captured. Family have even dug out some old photos of me recently that I didn't know existed which can be a joy or utter humiliation, late 70s and early 80s fashions were not kind. Old photos can bring a moment back to life. 

I love going through my old photos, I miss all the ones before the digital age that are stashed in our loft in Scotland. I hope to be reunited with them soon. Photos, my books and old journals are the things I've missed the most.

I've kept a journal continuously since I was 13, I think. I can't remember and can't check. I must have about a dozen volumes from old spiral notebooks to ones with little locks that were bought for me, but mostly they are the cloth covered blank books that you see in stationers. I've gotten more and more picky in my old age and recently bought a lovely leather covered one when in Italy. Can't wait to finish the volume I'm on and move on. 

I don't write much in them anymore. I'm much busier than I used to be, but also I seem to be more accepting of my lot in life. I used my journals not only to document what was happening to me, but to work through issues and concerns. Sometimes I still need a place to rant, cry, decipher events, but mostly now I just catch up with our life. This blog has almost become a journal, but is much less personal than my written ones. 

I only have my current one with me here in Finland and often feel like I've left a limb or 10 in Scotland. As it's too recent I won't be sharing any of my old entries, but I love to look back on this day a year ago, 5 years ago, 10 years ago to see where I was at: physically because, well, I have moved around, a lot, but also emotionally. To relive my children being born, to arriving in Scotland, to living in Norway, to going to Uni, all the way back to being a confused Midwestern teen. Even getting together with the Chief. Our 21 year anniversary is this week and to be honest, I don't remember the actual date because I don't have my journals. The entry I wrote after meeting him again (we had met for the first time the year before) was wonderfully, totally innocent of what would happen in the future. My memory has never been brilliant, so it's amazing to rediscover little titbits I've forgotten: names, events, places, dreams and see how they fall into the bigger picture or disappear in the cracks of time passing.  

But until I get my journals back and my 'old fashioned' photos from before I had a digital camera, here are few throwbacks. 

Our last trip to Lucca in 2005 where we helped with the vendemmia (grape harvest). Pre-kids - those were the days, my friends. 
Mouse and I on his first trip abroad to Norway. Then there was 1.  
A digitally enhanced version of a photo from a non-digital camera. I only have a few photos of this holiday to my brother's wedding because we put our camera down on the beach and it got sand in it and ruined the film. This was over exposed. Oh, the days of film when you couldn't edit as you photographed. 
A photo from MorMor of me. Love the 70s high chair fabric and old style phone cord. I loved to chew on those, even after I finished teething. 

I might do these Throw Back Thursdays posts again. Any excuse to go through old photos and reminisce. 

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