Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summer Holiday's End

Summer is winding down. Unfortunately. 

Kids have returned to school accompanied by a sudden dip in the temperatures and thunderstorms. I've been crocheting and knitting with chunky orange wool. A handful of leaves are sprinkled over my windshield every morning. Signs of things to come.

But I'm going to cling onto summer for a bit longer. I have a back to school post to do, but here's some summery photos from the past few weeks.

The Harvest Festival at Laurence's Church Village. The kids were really in the wrong mood, stressed and tired with last weekend before school started, so we didn't stay long.

Oittaa Outdoor Centre and the Angry Birds Park. Great beach that's a lake rather than the sea with a big cafe and a huge playpark nearby. Oh, and trees perfect for climbing. You can also rent canoes or kayaks, but we haven't tried that yet. I prefer this Angry Birds Park to the one at Suurpelto and this beach to some of the others we've been to. Only downside is that it was super busy by mid-afternoon.

But pretty quiet if you go around 10am. 

We also took a final trip to the Lomamäen Lemmikkipuisto petting zoo before school starts. 

Find the chameleon. 

Turtle Parade. 
We spent much more time in the play area. Check out the bouncy castle baby action.

And we discovered a bit of the Villa Elfvik nature reserve that we had previously missed. There's a short walk through reeds taller than our heads. There's also a boat house that we didn't find yet, adventure for another day. 

Though the weather has turned, there's still plenty of fun to be had on the weekends. Roll on cool evenings, stews and soups, crumbles and jumpers. Autumn is my favourite season. Long may it last. 

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