Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fun in Pisa

Edited out the bad photos and repeats and cleaned out all the other photos from my folder (totally ignoring the films that other people take. I dislike films as they are hard to edit and so big to export and send) I have almost 600 photos of our time in Italy.

I'll start with photos of Pisa. I have about 150 of those alone and we didn't even do much. We forgot that unless you feel like waiting around for 3 hours you should book your tickets to climb the Torre Pendente. With Foo being nervous of heights and someone having to stay on the ground with him and the baby, we weren't really bothered about climbing it anyway. Well, Mouse was, but he soon forgot it.

So what did we do? Nothing really. The others went on a horse and carriage tour of the centro while I tried to convince Pudding she needed a nap. The Chief took these photos so I have no idea what they are of.

Mostly we messed about on the Campo. It was our second day in Italy and the kids were full of energy, so we let them run around and things got a bit silly. It felt strangely liberating to basically ignore the big white leaning elephant on the lawn in front of us and just enjoy being together. The Chief did take the brunt of the silliness though. 

We also took the mandatory holding up the tower photos. 

It took Foo a couple of times to figure out the angle.
I did my bit too with the 'leaning tree of Pisa' on the way back to the station. 

Ok we were very silly. But it is a lovely day in a inspiring place, though a know-it-all in the cafe next to me when I was waiting for the others to return from their carriage ride described it as 'the McDonald's of visitor sites' and I understand why. It is crazy with people, souvenir stalls, pizza places. We weren't looking for a 5 star restaurant that day anyway, just a fun day out. 

So here's our mob's view of The Leaning Tower of Pisa

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