Friday, July 25, 2014


Because we live abroad we travel a lot, not as often as some ex-pats because of the hassle of travelling with lots of small kids, but enough. But this was our first holiday since the kids were born, not going back home (whether that be my childhood home or our Scottish home). We went with the express idea of relaxing, not visiting family or friends, no itinerary, no plans. Well, we did have plans: eat ice cream and pizza, ride some bikes on the walls of Lucca and relax. I didn't want to cook or clean much either. 

We knew it wouldn't be easy or totally relaxing. A day out with our family rarely is, but 14 days in a foreign country with a picky eater and a child sensitive to changes in routine could have been hell. It wasn't. 

It was about as relaxing as we could do, so success there. We ate tons of ice cream, pizza and lasagna. We rode a bike (all together) on the walls. We saw the Tower in Pisa. We went to the beach. I cooked or prepared meals very rarely. Cleaned even less, except laundry. Mainly we chilled. 

We knew booking a holiday in Italy in July was risky. It can get crazy hot and I don't like extreme heat. We rented a flat with air con and prepared to go to the beach or chill in the flat if it got too hot. We were amazingly lucky that the first week and a bit was relatively cool due to extreme thunderstorms and winds. The heat did pick up the last 5 days or so of the trip, and to be honest even without it I think we would have been ready to come home after about 10 days anyway, but the heat capped it. The last few days we were dragging and more than ready to come home. 

Here's us arrived in Lucca, fresh even after an early morning start. Pudding's asleep in the buggy we're using as a tripod. 

Here's us a day or so before we come home. 

Ok, that's an exaggeration, a bad moment Foo caught right after we came out of the dreadful museum visit, but it pretty much captures how we felt. Here's a few minutes earlier when we were talking about going back home. 

I have about 1000 other photos from the trip I'm still going through. But I'll leave you with a few from our first day. 

Lots more to follow, I'm sure. 

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