Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I've had all 4 kids at home for a week now and I'm shattered. I decided when Mouse finished his school year that it would be easier if the little ones stayed home from nursery as well due to the very long drive to and from nursery. Next August they start at a new nursery 5 minutes down the road. I thought it would save me some hassle, but how wrong I was.

Mouse has swimming lessons for 2 weeks at 9am, so I was still getting everyone up and out the door early. It isn't too much trouble in summer with no snow suits and the pool is only about 10 minutes away. It's the rest of the day that was hell.

Monday was awful, they were hyper, rude and not listening. Mouse seemed intent on whipping them up into a frenzy and then stepping back while the two younger ones imploded. And Pudding was in a bad mood as well. She's been teething forever, but has no new teeth to show for it, just rotten nappies, rotten sleep and rotten clinginess which is expressed by shrieking whenever I step away from her.

I sent them outside, I gave them wee jobs, I played with them, but they continued to ignore me, wind each other up and fight over nothing. At one point they went upstairs and played quietly, but came down with their faces painted black. They were playing chimney sweeps - Mouse has seen Mary Poppins. Luckily it was face paints, but it was still hellish to clean off. I ended up taking them for a long walk just to burn the energy and to keep from murdering them. They shouted to everyone they say 'we're cleaning the chimneys'. So our place as the foreign crazies of the neighbourhood has been secured.

They must have been overtired on Monday because on Tuesday they were positively subdued. We went to the swimming class and another appointment, but they were happy to play in the house after that: colouring, hide and seek. All without killing each other.

Wednesday was more like Monday so I took them out to a park after our appointments. That became the routine, run them ragged. Zoo, waterpark. I desperately tried to keep them away from the telly, though it would quiet them down. We walked as much as possible, stayed outside. A lot of work for me, but it seems to work.

As a result though, I get nothing done at home as I'm constantly trying to keep them busy. So my house is a pit and I had no time to prepare for our big birthday bash at the weekend. It was Foo, Bump and the Chief's birthday last week, so we had a big party with friends planned. I needed to make 2 cakes, pulled pork, some side dishes, clean the house, sort the garden.
Yep, garden is my first priority. Then I shopped, baked, cooked, cleaned. 
Luckily, the Chief came through on Saturday. From the moment I woke up until I went out with some friends later that evening, he entertained the troops. Carrying Pudding around, fixing toys and hair. He also tidied as much as he could, super multi-tasking Daddy that he can be.

Sunday was a late start due to my night out, but we got it all done. The birthday party was great fun. We invited some new friends and some old, a few of the kids' school and nursery friends came along, but not Bump's unfortunately. Luckily some older girls came along as most of our friends have boys or very little girls. Bump was ecstatic to have girls to dress up with and to do her hair as she's usually the odd Princess out. 

Birthday cookies on their actual birthdays. 

Bump's Butterfly Angel Cake
Foo's Sticky Toffee Apple Dinosaur Cake. My kids don't half make things difficult with their requests. 
But 3 days on I'm still shattered. And the kids still seem to be on this hyper-quest to piss me off. This will be the longest summer break ever. If I survive. 

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  1. I wondered if Mary Poppins had something to do with it!


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