Sunday, June 29, 2014

Belated Birthday Portraits

While enjoying Juhannus last week I remembered that I haven't done Foo and Bump's birthday pictures for this year. I always forget this time of year, but always remember for Mouse's birthday. Think I'm just totally overwhelmed by their joint party that I never remember until too late and then have to find something that works. As we were leaving the petting farm perfect opportunity presented itself, lupin-heaven, so I pulled the camera out one last time. The owner of the petting farm had mowed a path alongside the country road to the car parking area and left a row of wild lupins that grow all over the country this time of year. 

The kids starting stripping the flowers and throwing the petals at Pudding, so things got a bit silly, but I managed to get a few taken. 

The older kids are all at an age where they don't relax when I get the camera out: they pose, they make funny faces, generally stiffen up. So getting them to relax for portraits is quite difficult. We try to distract them. 

We had Foo counting in Finnish. I love that each number had a different expression. 

Bump was asked to dance and just got a bit silly. 

I think we got there in the end, though Bump is a little distant in hers. The silly ones are a truer representation of her personality.  
First birthday.
Sixth birthday. 
First birthday
Fourth birthday.  
I can't believe how fast they've grown.

And since they were in a good mood I tried a group shot, but even though it was overcast it was too bright for them to lay looking up. So things got typically crazy, but that is what Clan life is like. At least they're smiling. 

Keep on smiling even under clouds. 

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