Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sunshine Surprise

Some days you get lucky. 

We were all up early this morning and out the door by 9.30am. Unheard of on a weekend, but somehow it happened. The Chief had promised Bump that we'd go swimming so we did, several of the Weans came under duress, but we knew they'd enjoy it once we got them into the water. 

We tried Makelanrinteen Uintikeskus this time. Same cheap prices, but two pools for the kids. There's also several bigger pools and a hot tub we never found. We couldn't stay long again because the baby found it a bit cold after about an hour even with her several layers, but the kids had a good splash. 

Our plan was to then go find lunch, but on the way we saw a crowd building up in a open area, so we drove by. Something was going on, lots of people, food and craft stands, so we found a parking place and joined in. It turned out it was St Lawrence's Church's Medieval Day. Unfortunately the Church's actual site is down, but if it gets up again I'll link it properly. The original church was built in the 1400s, so every year they have a Medieval Day to raise awareness and, I'm guessing, funds. In some ways it was rather simple, but in others it was a lot of fun. There was a horse and carriage ride, makkara (sausages) and waffles, a balloon animal guy. But there was also a real life archaeological excavation going on, much to Mouse's joy, a museum with medieval objects (I didn't really get a chance to see anything due to some kids not wanting to go in) and a lovely site for just sitting in the sun.

The Church does concerts, weddings, culture walks and in August they have a harvest festival that I'm sure we'll be going to. It was a lovely impromptu day out right on our doorstep. 
The rebuilt church, the original burned down in the 1800s. 

Yee haw, shouted Foo. 

Archaeologists sifting through piles of dirt. Mouse swore he saw one find a spear head, but I'm sure it was less exciting. Maybe one of thousands of fish scales one of the diggers said they found. 
Waffles with jam and cream and cups of tea. Perfect.

Bring on summer. We're ready.  

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