Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sea Life Unrushed

With the temp barely getting over 10C and two of us hit by a birch pollen allergy we were looking for fun things to do indoors. Enter Sea Life. We don't go often as it is really expensive, but someone put me on to this wee voucher link which also has deals to other Helsinki attractions. Saved us a lot of money since only under 3s go free. I've also just discovered you can get cheaper rates if you book your tickets online. I don't know if you can use them together. 

The kids love animals and sea creatures so Sea Life is always a hit, but we had a discussion beforehand about not zooming through (Mouse) so everyone could see and enjoy everything. We played the Fact Finder Trail as well which meant we had to stop and look for answers in the info boards. We even had a private tour of the new Octopus exhibition, but saw no octopuses. One appears to almost always be hiding and the other isn't due to move in until later in the summer. But the guy was willing to answer the Chief's myriad of questions. The Weans were off running two seconds after he started. 

One downer was the food. The cafe had no decent food at 1pm and the restaurant didn't open until 2. The Finns eat lunch so early they had cleaned out all the sandwiches and paninis. So we had a lunch of muffins and doughnuts. So either go early or go late. It gave us an excuse to walk to our new local restaurant for an early dinner. 

I had an added bonus as a friend has given me a challenge to learn how to use my camera better, so I had the chance to try and use the camera in its manual setting as you can't use flash at Sea Life. Some of the photos really worked, others didn't. I'm not used to changing aperture so quickly, so spent a lot of time taking the same photo over and over again, trying to get the lighting right. 

Hope the weekend is treating you right. 

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