Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hot Weather and Wild Animals

It's been hot here, hotter than Italy they're saying, over 30C some days. It was one of those flip a switch change from spring to summer. It looks like it won't last, but that's summer for you. 

With the long hours of sunlight, our garden is coming into it's own. I love just letting the kids loose in it, even Pudding. I love walking around first thing in the morning to check out the plants or watering in the evening when the sun goes behind the trees. Or just sitting in the juicy grass with the baby and chilling. We have wildlife, maybe a bit too much for my veggies, visits from hares, rabbits, pheasants, tons of birds. We have the apple trees, raspberries, strawberries, current bushes and my own additions all promising plentiful picking soon.

We've made the most of the weather and spent tons of time in the garden this weekend: mowing the grass, building and planting up a second veg box, hauling a tree I chopped down last weekend, cutting back branches. It's a big garden and requires a lot of work, but I love every minute spent outside and glad the kids are starting to show interest in gardening as well. 

We do all manner of things outside.

Playing with coloured corn starch

Think I had the most fun. 
A hard played bandy (hockey) game. The Chief was severely handicapped with a broken too-short stick, a more difficult goal and 2 against 1. 

Our first attempt at a flower crown. Totally inspired by this blogger. We have a long way to go, but Bump loved it. My little fairy.

Pudding in the first stages of proper crawling. 
We've had a bit of a wild thing going this week as well. Bumpshie had her first school show with a fox theme. We're not quite sure what the story was as it was long-winded and in Finnish. She didn't sing at all, did a tiny bit of dancing and really spent most of the show cuddling her dad and brother, but she was dead cute in the fox outfit I totally threw together. 

Running to her daddy mid-show. 

Wee sook. 
With the costume came lots more dressing up as animals. 

Is it just me or does she look totally at ease with the evil vibe here?

Baby polar bear.

So before the cold storms come this next week I'm glad we had a chance to enjoy the sun. School finishes on Friday and I'm taking the little ones out of nursery as well. No point in getting up too early and driving half-way across town for only 2 kids, so keeping them all home. For two months! I may regret it after two minutes though, but will relish the more relaxed days. 

Enjoy your week. 

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