Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Days are All Go

Sorry, I haven't been around much. Trying to get things done. The Chief took a week off work so he had an extra long Easter holiday so we spent hours working in the garden, fixing things in the house, cleaning, taking naps. It's amazing how much you can get done with a second pair of hands to watch the children, make a school run, hold something. We took turns running off to do a task while the other entertained the troops. Still so much more to do, but felt like we made a start, especially in the garden. 

Then this week rolled around and the Chief went back to work and Foo and I discovered we are allergic to birch pollen. After four years here, living in a country full of birch, buying a house with at least 6 birch trees on the land, we got hit hard. Especially poor Foo. We thought it was a cold at first so didn't think anything of a runny nose. But on Sunday Foo was playing in the paddling pool and with the water guns and must have got a concentrated dose of pollen in his eyes because the started itching, leaking, became red and eventually swelled almost shut. It took a long visit to the children's hospital and another a few days later to the docs to get the meds level right so that he's almost back to normal. I got it easy compared to him, but am still itchy eyed and leaky nosed. 

It put garden work on hold which is annoying as I was told the Finns use the birch trees as a signal of when to start planting out. Once they're in leaf, get going. So though the days are long, my time is short. I think I have my meds levels as good as they're going to get, so I'm going out this weekend regardless. 

Tomorrow is Vappu, May Day, so we have the day off, but haven't decided on our plans. It's supposed to rain which might put off an outdoor picnic, but will calm down the pollen, but we'll see how we feel. We might just risk it. 

Here's some photos from the boys' and my visit to Fallkulla Animal Farm last week end. Bump had one of her fevers again, so she and the Chief chilled at home. Pudding came along for an outdoor snooze. 

The kids spent most of the time running about with a new friend they made there and did the tour of the animals at a blur, so there's plenty of scope for another visit. Most of the babies were away but we got to see a few. The place was super busy being the Easter Monday, but I could see it being more lazy on a normal day. 

Hauskaa Vappua!

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