Sunday, April 20, 2014

Long Awaited Spring

After a relatively mild, but long winter I have been itching for Spring to put in a proper appearance. It's been hovering around zero for weeks - too cold to work or play for long in the garden, still requiring a proper coat in the morning, but not in the afternoon. Frustrating. 

This holiday weekend it finally arrived - it's been around 15C, bright sun, absolutely wonderful. We opened the porch door, bought Mouse a bike with training wheels and that was it, the kids have been outside for most of the day ever since. 

I've been taking advantage of having the Chief home for the holiday weekend to get as much done in the garden as possible and he's been trying to get wee jobs around the house done as well. The house is actually a tip because the kids have been running from one door to another with shoes on, water pistols dripping, I've been leaving trails of compost, moss and grass here and there. It'll take me the rest of the week to tidy up, but honestly, who cares, it's been a long winter. Nice to be able to breathe, play in the dirt and just run about.  

And today was Easter. Mouse had built himself up into a frenzy of anticipation over the egg hunt. He had seen some movie about the Easter Bunny and was educating his siblings on how the EB worked. He had practice hunts inside and out, made lots of Easter themed crafts at his after school club. He spent days before painting his eggs. So I felt a bit under pressure to make it special, but it was over in a blink, as it always is, the eggs all found, the chocolate oohed over and split up. We're attempting to spread it out over the weekend, but there's already not much left. 

Mouse didn't seem disappointed about the brief Easter fun, he has moved on to bigger games. He's in love with his new bike and the extra freedom that has come with it. He's allowed to ride in front of the house and around to the two houses on either side of the dead end at our end of the street. His siblings usually end up chasing after him, so they're all off out of my sight quite often now. We'll have to reestablish boundaries a bit once the Chief goes back to work next week and there's just me watching them. But they're growing up and, in a way, it's nice to let them stretch the cord between us a bit.

They all seem to be falling prey to yet another cold, so we'll see if we get out and about as planned tomorrow. But so far this weekend has been glorious. 

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