Monday, March 24, 2014

My Girls

I'm not a girly girl. I don't wear make-up or do my hair, dress up or even care about what I look like other than clean and comfortable. I don't like the pink princess, rainbows and fairy, waiting for her Prince Charming culture that has risen up for girls lately. I know it's not all that bad, but in its extreme it is terrifying and incomprehensible to me.

So my eldest daughter is also a bit incomprehensible. Around 2 she began to demand 'spinny dresses', ones that would flare out when she spun, that she could dance in. Then the Disney Princesses crept in and more dancing and demanding to chose her own clothes when buying and dressing. Then fairies, pink, singing and more dancing. I haven't told her no, I haven't let my initial gut reaction of repulsion of the whole pink girl culture show as much as I want to shout it's just a colour and that she doesn't need a prince to rescue her.  

If I get to buy her clothes I avoid frills and over the top pink. I get leggings and plain shirts, practical clothes that she can put under her skirts and dresses that she chooses on our shopping trips together. I let her dress herself as long as she is warm, especially during Finland's long winter. So she layers rainbow dresses or pink skirts over my practical clothing. She tends to strip all my things off when she comes home from päiväkoti. At the moment her favorite thing to wear is her swimsuit. Or her sister's clothes. I've recently moved Pudding up to more normal clothing after her first six months spent hanging around in babygros and Bump went through it all to steal things that still kind of fit. She loves new clothes and shoes, even her old clothing that she hadn't seen for 2 years. Dresses that are now shirts, leggings that are cropped trousers. 

I think her baby sister might be heading down the same path. Today she was mesermerised by her sister's gold slippers. And was happy to wear the flower crown while her sister practiced her flower fairy dancing while singing in Finnish. I'm learning to grin and bear it. 

By a happy coincidence, before I sat down to write this I checked out a fave blogger of mine, Girl's Gone Child, who also wrote today about her 3 daughters and their love of the frills and girly and how she is handling it. I think my Bump might be soul sisters with her daughters. GGC sees the dressing up and princess infatuation as empowering for girls and presents an interesting argument. I'm all about allowing my children to be who they want to be, to embrace them fairy wings or super hero capes and all. But I'm not ready to cheer forward the whole pink girl culture yet, but maybe another few years of tiaras and rainbows and I'll be breaking out the pixie dust and joining in.  

In the meantime, I will continue to try and instill a sense of power beyond girl power. A sense that my children all have their own strengths, their own super powers that I can nurture. 

All my little super heroes. 

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