Saturday, March 15, 2014

Gardenia and Pudding at 6 Months

Last weekend we went to Gardenia which is a tropical garden near Viikki. We were a week too late for the Panda exhibition and a few weeks to early for the Witches' Wands exhibition, but we still managed to find enough to keep the kids busy for a few hours. 

They had a treasure chests hidden around the glasshouse marked with animals. Each had info about some of the plants they had growing there: cinnamon, cacoa, coffee and other plants the kids might be familiar with. Unfortunately all the info in the chests was in Finnish, so the kids couldn't play what appeared to be a quiz. But they did give us a info pack in English. 

They also had a nice little eating area with a small salad bar. So we broke up our runs through with lunch. Sorry, the pictures are from my phone camera, so don't do the place justice. 

Update: The City of Helsinki closed Gardenia in December 2015. 

I found out about Gardenia on a new website I discovered - Lastenlinkit - which gives info about things for kids to do in Helsinki and Finland. Every weekend I'm searching the net for new things for us to do so this was a great find. 

In other news: Pudding is now 6 months old and on the go.

Two months and six months.

She's eating a bit. Food's definitely getting in, but a lot more of it gets everywhere else first. 

She's also beginning to sit up, though if she moves that big head of hers just a bit, she falls over.

 So it was time for my traditional 'Not Lion Down' photo. I've done this for all the kids.

I love her serious mouth in this picture, sitting up is hard work. Nice to see my photography skills have improved over the years, thanks to a good camera and the amazing Finnish light. 

She's even starting to pull herself around the floor a bit. Need to get my house tidied. Let the active baby fun begin. 

After a few weeks of lovely spring weather, we just got a big snowfall, so guess winter hasn't totally given up yet. Hopefully, it's soon on it's way out. I'm dreaming of planting in my new garden. 

Enjoy the weekend.  

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