Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ski Holiday Break

We're just coming to the end of the Ski Holiday week, hiihtoloma. The Chief took the week off and some of us were still ill at the beginning so we've taken it pretty easy. But we've gone to the zoo, gone sledging when the snow decided to fall and freeze (it's been a very wet mild winter so far), visited friends, gone to Villa Elfvik and did some mad fingerpainting - more like body painting with a side of redecorating our shower room. Mainly it was nice just to not have to get up and do the school run. 6.30am start tomorrow and a new therapy session starting this next week, so break's over.

Pudding has kind of started food this week. She's not really interested, just wants something to play with and chew on, so we'll occasionally give her a slice of pear or some apple sauce on a spoon while we eat. 

I'm off to my bed, Pudding is not sleeping well and early start. Take care all. 

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