Friday, February 14, 2014

Growing and Snowing

As soon as I posted the last Pudding update, Pudd decided she knew how to roll and managed it both ways the same same day. And wasn't she proud.

For the first time I got photos and videos of her doing it right away, but she's half-naked so won't expose her. And in true baby fashion she has quickly forgotten how to get off her belly so will often flail about like a landed fish unable to flip back over. Though as soon as I underestimate her she rolls across the room towards some non-baby-proofed item. Like her sister's beads.

She also popped out two teeth at once. I think they surprised her as she's bitten herself a couple of times. Here's her 5 month photie and a photo bomb.

So five months has rolled around too quickly and I didn't manage to get a picture on the day as most of the Clan has been ill this week. 3 out of 4 weans and now myself. It's a strange bug that seems to affect everyone differently. Mouse got the croup again, years after his last attack, and a horrible fever. He got it the worst and didn't eat for 3 days. Bump vomited for a couple of days, but wanted to eat constantly. Then one day she just slept on the couch for about 4 hours and woke up cured. Pudding had a bad fever one night and was a bit warm and grumpy the next but other than that has been ok. It seems to have gone for my sinuses. That and it's managed to exhaust me even more. Next week is a holiday week, so the Chief will be off to help with the Weans, but count on him getting Man Flu. ;)

We've had a bit more snow, but the weather has bounced back up to around zero so it's been melting again. Here's a few photos of our big fall. With the weather warmer the snow is actually more fun for the kids, they can make snowman, etc with it. It's usually too dry and light here in Finland.

So bye from our snow bunny. I'm going to go try and convince all for kids to take a nap. sigh

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