Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pudding's Month - January

And how can you not share this bundle of gorgeousness. 

I know it's almost time for her 5th month picture, but I thought I'd do a catch up. It's been a bumpy month: sleep regressions, not wanting to feed in strange places, trying out her cot and not being impressed, but it's also been a month of growing and discovering. 

She is still the Weans' favourite plaything and she's beginning to be able to interact with them more, to take toys from them, laugh at their silliness, nibble on any part of them they put too close to her mouth. 

Captain Mouse fights the Dread Pirate Pudding. To the drool. 

She no longer likes her bouncer very much as she can't sit up and reach things, so we've started using the high chair, with a lot of padding. We won't start her on food for a bit yet, but she's playing with spoons and things while we eat, so is learning by watching and experimenting. I have already picked up her spoon about a million times in the last week. Strangely enough, I'm still looking forward to weaning.

So before she hits her 5 month milestone, here's a wee smile from Pudding 4 months old and ready for everything. 

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