Saturday, December 7, 2013

First Snow 2013

Busy week as Christmas hurtles towards us. Of course, I'm not ready at all. 

We've had two Christmas shows/parties for the little Weans at päiväkoti. Neither really wanted to be part of the shows. Foo joined his in the end, but Bump just messed about on the sidelines. I think Mouse wanted to be in her show more than she did. I didn't get to stay for Foo's riisipuuro and glöggi as I had to take Mouse to school, but we did have glöggi and piparkakku at Bump's party. A nice start to the Christmas season. 

Foo being a mouse for one of the songs. 
After seeing the price of boxes of chocolates, I suddenly decided to make little bags for traditional-style sweeties to give to the kids' teachers. Luckily, I had just bought the fabric and cloth tape to make something else, so spent a few days sewing bags. They're not spectacular, but the kids stamped the paper for the tags, so thought it was a bit different than the standard boxes of chocs they get. 

The kids have started their Christmas crafts as well. They made decorations for a felt tree I cut out for them as we won't be getting a tree for a few weeks yet. My house is covered in fine glitter now though. 

Bump loves her a bit of glitter and is already demanding we do more. 
Opening their Christmas calendars, yes, we have 3.  I can't see any other way around the fighting. 
The 6th December is Finnish Independence Day - Itsenäisyyspäivää. We have our own flagpole now, so the Chief put up our flag. The first photo is at 8.30am, the days are really short now, sunrise around 9am, sunset around 3.30pm.  We also got our first real snow that day. 

Not much really, but we all know it's just the beginning. 
Mouse took the photo below. The prints might be a hare, but not sure. The kids are enjoying going out in the snow which is great as I've got them on my own this weekend and need them to burn some energy and occupy themselves a bit. Need to find something fun to do tomorrow. 

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