Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Smiles

The Finns don't really do Halloween, but this year the kids' päiväkoti are promoting multi-culturalism so they decided to have a Halloween party and Mouse's school also had one, so we had to come up with costumes kind of quick as we were given only a few days' notice. 

Foo decided that he wanted to be a monkey and Mouse chose a miner. It took me a while to figure out where that idea came from, yet another Lego set he saw in a Christmas catalogue, but I have to say it was fun coming up with the gear for that one. And he was the only one in his class from the sounds of it that had a homemade and original costume so he quite enjoyed it himself. Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of his whole outfit as his party was on a different day, so these photos don't have all the bits as they weren't assembled yet. He had 'real' gold and everything. 

Bump wanted to be a princess with pink hair. Here's Her Majesty getting her locks cut as they were just too long and heavy for her. 

Foo rocked the monkey look and the Chief did an excellent job making the tail. I had bought pipe cleaners for the ears after finding simple costume instructions on line, but he decided to use the extra ones to give the tail some lift. Foo loved it. 

We carved a pumpkin, but there was no trick-or-treating that we were aware of in our neighbourhood. The kids probably wouldn't have wanted to go anyway. So we decided to have our own Halloween party at the weekend. It turned into more of an autumn party as no one wanted to put on their costumes in the excitement. 

We went for a walk in the 'forest' a local park, had French toast that the kids cut into the shapes of pumpkins, mushrooms and other shapes, drew pumpkin and bat pictures, had a treasure hunt for a pumpkin shaped cake. We also watched some 'scary' videos like the 'Monster Mash' in the hope of getting them dancing, but we really scared them with Michael Jackson's Thriller so that never happened. We ended up watching The Goonies instead and they were still scared. 

I really liked having a themed day, so we'll have to come up with more themes for later on. 

Three Oak leaves, the symbol of the Clan

My scary crew
And Pudding has begun to smile. What a cheeky grin already. 

The love is mutual

and infectious. 

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