Sunday, November 17, 2013

Construction and Chaos

As winter hovers too close for comfort, the Clan decided to spend this weekend being proactive and finish up some of the jobs that needed to be done before the snows covered the garden. 

The 14 bags of leaves that we raked, bagged and begged the cleansing service to pick up still lay in the driveway. I wanted to compost them on the property, but needed somewhere out of the way. So I started clearing behind the garage and the Chief took over. Then he built me a compost box, rough and ready, but will do the job. It took most of the weekend, but I think he enjoyed it. 

I picked up some of the windfall apples and made crumble, apple butter and apple sauce. There's still a lot more to pick up and get rid of. 

Part of the problem with getting things done, there's usually a lot of mess involved in the process. Especially when you throw four kids into the mix. So the cooking involved letting the two middle ones wash the apples. Then chasing them back into clothes and cleaning up the wet mess they left behind. Then halfway in the midst of peeling, chopping and boiling, Pudding woke up so everything got abandoned: splashes of applesauce everywhere, unpeeled apples floating in the sink, dirty pots. It eventually got cleaned, but everything becomes more work than you originally envision when you suggest the task. 

Pudding enjoying a day outside.
The woodpile shifted, ready for winter.
Still need to tidy up these unusable windfalls.

Troublemakers inside.
Crumble in the oven at least, but sans crumble, added later, and mess scattered everywhere. 
Sunday games of course include making as much mess as possible..

Completed compost box. He even moved the leaves for me. What a star.

On Sunday the winds picked up (ETA turns out we had a bad enough storm that they gave it a name, Eino. Guess I need to read the news more) and Bump had a bit of a cold (ETA which turns out to be tonsilitis of some sort, off to the docs tomorrow) so I kept them in while the Chief finished his work. We made pipparikakku, gingerbread biscuits, and just played. 

These random moments of beauty in the chaos are my favourite.

She's got them wrapped around her little finger.
Reminds me of another little girl I know

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