Monday, November 11, 2013

Growing Strong - 2 Months On

Now 2 months old, you're more alert and connecting with us which your siblings love. They fight over who gets to hold your hand and help me undress you for nappy changes.

After a week or so of staring at your fist, trying to will it into your mouth, you can now manage it regularly.

You have a half-cheeky, half shy smile that melts my heart.

You hate your carseat and scream like a banshee when awake though this morning my unending rendition of Ali Bali seem to keep you calm for a bit, so maybe there's hope there.

As the days get shorter and colder I'm loving our couch cuddles, I know you'll soon be fighting to get away to play. For now you're happy to be held close by me and daddy and we're treasuring each moment. 

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