Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mousie Magoo's 7th Birthday Party

Planning and throwing a birthday party for a 7 year old isn't easy when you have a constantly-feeding newborn in the house. I'm just putting that out there now. 

Mouse isn't big on being the centre of attention, he didn't want to invite lots of kids to his party, didn't want to have it at a soft play place. So I planned on a quiet party like last year, 4 or 5 of his friends, a bit of running about and food. Things in my life rarely go to plan, I think I might have mentioned that before.

He only wanted to invite 1 boy from his new class, but his father and I convinced him to take the 8 invites from the pack we bought to school. He handed them all out and asked for one more the next day. He also invited 2 friends from his former nursery. Four people RSVP'd. So I figured a few more would come as well. 8 kids showed up, along with our 4. Needless to say we weren't properly prepared. 

The theme was Clone Wars. We did our best. We made a paper maché piñata for them to bash with light sabres (glow sticks bought from the local army surplus store), made a Clone treasure hunt where they found the light sabres, had food and cake sorted. 

The kids of course didn't care about our plans and whether they were good enough.  You get enough kids together in one space they make their own chaos, ah, fun. There were even a couple of girls who came along to keep Bump happy and entertained with party dresses and dancing. 

I haven't gotten any good birthday pictures of Mouse done yet. I hope to do some tomorrow when we're going out with some friends. Lovely autumn weather and nature always a good backdrop for his photos. 

More updates to come. 

Making the piñata

The Chief and I made a Clone cake, but I had trouble finding the fondant in the right colours this time, so it wasn't our best work. 

Costumes and weapons

Light sabre battle against the Sith Lord

Yes, we shared the sweeties, for the most part. 

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