Sunday, September 1, 2013

Feeling Almost Ready

Finally got the upstairs done as much as I think I'm going to manage before the baby comes. The kids' beds, thanks to the painter we had in who did the first coat, are painted. Wish I had found that furniture paint first as it was easy to put on and looks brilliant. Pink for Bumpshie, of course, Red for Foo and Blue for Mouse in his own room. Not keen on the red and pink together, but it's not too bad. The baby's cot is also painted and all ready, it only took about 8 coats. I'm well sick of painting furniture now. 

I've found a lovely fabric for the kids' blind, very Swedish design. I recovered it and, when and if I ever get around to doing the one in our room and Mouse's room, I'd do it a bit different. Because how the blinds are installed they roll backwards, so I had to put a backing fabric on the blind and it's really thick and heavy now and doesn't roll properly. I'd remove the original blind fabric and instead of covering it with the new fabric just staple it into place. But it looks pretty good (a few wrinkles at the top where it's rolled most of the time) so I'm going to leave it. 

I've been looking for a fabric for the other 2 shades, but haven't fallen in love with anythings, so they can wait. I've even been to Marimekko, the Finnish textile empire, and though I found one I liked it wouldn't work as a blind as it's mostly white so either the dark blind would show through or it would let lots of light through. 

Hate the light shades in every upstairs room, but can't find anything I like better and the Chief hates installing light fixtures as they are never easier, so for a bit of peace, I'm leaving it for now. 

Detail of the blind fabric. Lush, isn't it?

And we put up curtains in the spare room. Bring your sleep mask, Mormor, as it's the only bedroom that doesn't have a blind. We might be able to jury-rig one or move one from a downstairs room, but at the moment the morning sun rips through there. 

Another things I've managed to get done: dying baby clothes. I've lost a bag of very little baby things, hoping they are stashed in the loft in Scotland as there are a few sentimental things missing, but have kept most of the kids' baby clothes. After 3 kids though, some of them are a bit stained, so I decided to dye the worst of the lot. And then Bumpshie decided she wanted something dyed pink, so I took all the vests she had inherited from her brother and dyed them bubble-gum pink. I still have purple-pink edged fingernails, but everything is looking lovely. 

Still haven't finished Pudding's baby blanket, but am deliberately dragging out the end, so as to postpone Pudding's arrival until Mormor shows up. Our childcare for when I go into labour went on holiday on Friday, so I've been scrambling to find replacements, but it will be much easier if baby can wait another 5 days. 

I spent a lot of my 'free' time last week cleaning things as the house has been a bomb site with all the painting and fixing things. Scraping paint off the bathroom fixtures and floors, cleaning months of grime off bathrooms and kitchen. I'm feeling more in control now and the mad nesting seems to be abating. So now I try to finish one job a day and the rest spend cooking, running a million errands and a bit of relaxing as well. 

And we have a car of our own. We bought a big old 7 seater. It ain't pretty and drives like a bit of a beast, but it fits us all, though I'm still trying to sort out where all the car seats go so I can see out the windows and get the seats up so people can get in the back seats. Need to insure it and register it tomorrow, but other than that we're basically ready, except for the childcare thing. I'd like to avoid taking the Weans to the hospital with us again, so Pudding can take her dear sweet time. 

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